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Experiencing God as Better Than Sex

Posted by Yucan Chiu on

Further Reflections on Divine Sex: Talk #1

One of the claims in our first talk is that sex is a sign to a deeper, more pleasurable experience and relationship we are meant to have: the one we can have with God. This is a meditative prayer guide to help us begin to experience that reality. This is not meant to deter us from good sex with another human, but to help us experience the “more” of God, whether we have an opportunity to have sex or not.

When Sex is Not Available

When our sexual desires cannot be properly fulfilled (there is no partner available, our brokenness is inhibiting us, etc.), it is an opportune time to experience the the “better” God has.

  1. You have a sexual urge. Begin to ask God to reveal the deeper desires you have- desires for oneness with someone, for ecstatic delight, for love, etc.
  1. As you begin to get in touch with those deeper desires, begin to bring to mind the truth that God says he is the most satisfying thing we could ever experience. You can recite these in your head and heart:

Your love is better than life... (Psalm 63:3).

In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore… (Psalm 16:11)

  1. Begin to ask God to help direct your desires not on sex or a sexual partner, but on Him. Be aware of how your desires will begin to shift, and how you are receiving ecstasy and satisfaction in the connection with Him.
  1. Thank Him for the amazing source of joy and satisfaction that He is.


When Sex is Available

There may be many different reasons why sex is not fulfilling, and why we cannot experience the satisfaction of sex or the satisfaction of God. The following can cover just a few of the issues we may need to process:

  1. Are we engaging in sex in the Jesus’ boundaries? We will talk about the “why” behind Jesus’ boundaries soon, but in the meantime it is important to sort this out first. A marriage relationship is the context of sex from Jesus’ perspective.
  1. Where are our minds before, during, and after sex? Are they on truly loving our partner? Are they on the reality that sex is a sign of our greater relationship with God?
  1. Are we praying and asking God to show us more about love and Himself through the whole process?

Again, there is more to process. The above is meant to be an introduction.


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