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Ethnos is led by a team of diverse people from various ethnic, educational, and economic backgrounds.  While many individuals are involved in serving and leading, the following individuals play key roles within the Ethnos community.


Director, Pastor: Dr. Yucan Chiu. D.Min.  Born in Chicago to parents of Chinese descent, Yucan came to understand and experience Jesus in his teenage years while in California, and began to help create and lead communities in his early 20s. He holds bachelor degrees in Sociology and Biology (University of California, San Diego), and graduate degrees in Theology, Urban Studies, and Missiology (M.Div, Talbot School of Theology, D.Min. Bakke Graduate University).  He has been married for over 16 years with Yen-Yen (an educator in the public schools), and has two daughters that go to public schools in the area.  Yucan also serves as a chaplain at Rutgers University (for graduate students and faculty), a trainer for City to City, and the Director for www.ethnos.network


Programming Arts & Youth Director: Rachel Lally. With roots in Jamaica, Panama, New York, and Florida, Rachel has been a part of the New Brunswick and wider Rutgers community for almost twenty years now. Her training and experiences in music and youth have included working with world renowned programs in Sydney, Australia (Hillsong), at Rutgers, and other non-profits in the area. Rachel's warm smile, passion, and leadership make her indispensable. 


Children's Director: Christina Best.  Christina grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania and holds a degree in English with secondary education certification from Berea College. She loves hiking, running, and almost any outdoor adventure activity. She and Joshua have been married for over four years and just had their first baby this year! They live in New Brunswick, and enjoy working with college students. Christina was drawn to Jesus through her childhood church and a Christian summer camp experience, and she has always enjoyed helping kids learn more about Jesus.