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About Us

Ethnos is a multiethnic, multicultural, economically diverse non-profit in the New Brunswick and Highland Park area that looks to care for the holistic well being of the city and community. We are also classified as "church," and serve students and faculty at Rutgers University, New Brunswick. We work with other organizations and communities to bring about the social, economic, relational, and spiritual well-being of all residents.

We are driven by a number of key values that derive from the life of Jesus, including:

Incarnational Presence: we intentionally live in and love our neighborhoods.

Intentional Diversity: we are multiethnic and multi-socioeconomic not simply in composition, but also operation.

Loving Friendship: we strive to deeply know and love each other despite the faults we all have.

Holistic Transformation: we seek the transformation of our communities in all aspects of life- personal, relational, economic, spiritual, and more.

Open Exploration: in relation to our spiritual contribution in the community, we welcome everyone to explore faith, regardless of culture, age, religious background, and more.  

Heart and Mind: in relation to our spiritual contribution in the community, we believe the spiritual journey must involve both heart and mind.

Jesus: in relation to our spiritual contribution in the community, we believe that truth- while found in many different places and fields of study- is uniquely understood through and defined by Jesus. As such we spend the majority of our time in discussion and reflection on His life and teaching. 

We gathering throughout the week with various emphases; explore our website to find out more.  Feel free to contact us as well at  or  (732)640-8012.